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What's everyone up to? [Dec. 28th, 2004|12:30 pm]
Final Aspiration Linkshell


Hey, Just wondering what everyone was up to....

Naria - i never see you on my friendlist - are you playing again???

QC - are you ready to do you level cap yet??? I just helped Thespaniard get part of his Rank5 done.

btw: Korroloka is still an annoying rude asshole. I have never been "with" him, nor will I ever be "with" him. He's a pathological liar. If you want to know
I was in jeuno, and i saw him and waved.
Korroloka: Hey, i've got 5million gil
Me: That's cool
K: I'll give you a million gil if you marry me
Me: ...
K: come here I'll show you.
(he shows me, in trade, 1,000,000 gil and 6 roses)
K: It's all yours if you marry me
(i'm thinking he's just bullshitting me, 'cause i hated him in the LS when he was so mean to naria & sent me annoying /tells)
Me: Ok
K: Yay (etc.)

then I leave to level or whatever, and he keeps sending me /tells about how much he loves me, and how happy he is to be with me & so on. I just respond with ":)"

I think it was the next day, but he wanted to do BCNM30, so I went with him & dragged Elesdee along. We get to windy,
K: Damn 'rents making me go do stuff with them for an hour
Me: Your kidding...
(i've just spent about 5k on stuff)
K: No, hunny, they making me go, i'll pay you to wait
(he gives me 10k gil to wait)
--an hour and a half passes--
He comes back & we go to the BCNM, elesdee DC's and I die -.- Korroloka escapes alive. So, I HP, and come back and we go do it again. Now, at this point I find out that he doesn't have an orb of his own >.< so I'm a bit annoyed, but at least we didn't get any worthwile drops.
Later, he begs me to do Prom-Holla, so I go, and I drag Warstormer along. We all die because Korr is an idiot and can't even follow the simplest of directions. So, we all HP.
I decide that I dont want to lvl anything, or do anything that could get me killed...so I went to cap my SMN skill...me and elesdee formed a party to keep each other company as we both lvl'd it. Then Korr decided to come out and sit on me while I summoned. After 2 hours I capped my skill (at 6 lol) and went back inside.
Either after that, or the next day, I decide that I really can't take him stalking me anymore so I politely tell him to go away. (I felt bad that he's gonna pay me to marry him, 'cause I don't want to marry him, I just want his money, so I decided to end the charade before it started) And he freaks out and starts sending /t to all my friends asking why I don't love him any more. Then...he gives me a Snipers ring...thinking that expensive shit will make me "love him"...so I say I still dont' want to marry you & he continues to freak out. He then told me that his parents had died a few days ago along with his brother in a car accident and that I couldnt' be so mean to do this to him. (um...how can your parents be dead when you just went out wtih them?)

Then, the next day when I'm leveling in Valkurm, he comes and finds me and follows me around. And eventually gives me astral rings & a lilac corsage. Then he sends a mt to me "yeah, my bro plays WoW" (hmm...how can your bro play if he's dead?)

Eventually I finally cant stand it and tell him to leave me alone.
K: it's time to go do promvion, it's 6pm
Me: No, it's not, it's 3pm
K: What? Where are you?
Me: Cali...
K: Ohh...that explains it
Me: No actually, I'm on the east coast, but I can lie just as well as you can
K: what???
at this point I tell him the lies that he told me
K: so, you'll never love me again?
Me: I never did >.<
he runs off
K: well...I have another brother
Me: Don't dig yourself deeper
we then talked in a semi-normal fashion - and i told him about how he was mean in FA, and he goes "oh, i didn't think you knew me then"

so...I never asked him to give me anything, I never wanted him to give me anything, I thought he was just joking at first, but apparently he's just screwed up in the head. I don't feel bad for taking his stuff because it was all of his own free will to give it to me, especially after I told him to go away the first time.

meh...I attract weirdo's

[User Picture]From: wrynne
2004-12-29 08:04 pm (UTC)
of course your included in everyone ^.^

Yay that it hasn't gotten monotonous or boring XD

ffxi is just the usual, but I don't see many people around...prolly 'cause I'm an impatient little twit :P but Greaver is getting married soon! more people are quitting ;_;
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