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Final Aspiration Linkshell

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Re: quickcloud (from my last post) [Dec. 14th, 2004|11:39 pm]
Final Aspiration Linkshell
Things are going alright for me, I guess anyway.... I still have 2 exams left to write. I can't wait until those damn things are done with. World of Warcraft looks pretty nice, I want to buy it sometime. I can't decide between undead and night elf. But at the moment it doesn't matter because I don't have much money. I can't get it for christmas, because I'm already getting something for christmas, although it's probably going to get here sometime in January. $600.00 american in anime. Although it's not all mine, I ordered some for a friend, most of it is. The website I was buying it from was having a christmas sale.... well, you know how these things go.... Although it is my christmas present, I'm sure after my parents look at their credit card bill they'll want me to pay for some of it.

From: riivan
2004-12-16 03:56 am (UTC)

Woh buddy!

So yeah, I have two exams as well (Christian Life and Technology and Society...worthless classes for the most part). Other than that I have pretty much no money, I have exactly enough to get back home and to work next Monday. Doesn't help that I wasted all that cash on the FFXI expansion that I barely used. Hope everything is going well for everyone. World of Warcraft is going well, I really dig being able to do solo quests and whatnot. I haven't really been too focused on lvling so I am only a Undead Warlock (Riivan) at 26 and 3/4s but my Tailoring and Enchanting are in the 200s and I am set on all my armour till I am like 40. Mwahaha, this game rocks my face.

Laughing Skull PVP Server, you should definately join us on the horde side. The alliance has too many people as it is, night elves especially. Even though the night elves are quite cool. See you around everyone.
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