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fuck AF gear, seriously [Dec. 2nd, 2004|10:30 am]
Final Aspiration Linkshell


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I hate AF gear, I hate it with a passion. Why did they decide to make RDM AF so fucking impossible? Well, technically, anyone needing to go to the Citadel will have a bitch of a time, if they can't find 3 other people to go with them. I mean, seriously, it would take 5 minutes out of someones time to go and open the gates. They don't even have to stay - just OPEN THE FUCKING GATES. /sigh
Since I havn't been able to get my AF armor, I've taken it upon myself to have fun by helping other people with their AF-1 weapons. People that I don't know, who randomly should for help with it, while I'm in Jeuno, get it. I helped some Galka named Zashen (or something like that). Took like 15 minutes, and sleep II x5 to a link, but we finally got the storage key!!! Then I took him to the zone, and told him where the Storage Hole spawns. I hope he gets his Fencing Degen soon!!!
On a side note, rice ball price: 161 gil. WTF >.< I've done like 200 yagudo necklaces, 1x Tenshodo smuggling...waaaah!!! Why is Norg fame so impossible?

Anyone up for doing anything this weekend? I might be doing a Castle Oztroja coffer key and coffer run...but other than that...

p.s. QC i was AFK when you sent me that message yesterday...and you make my boobies get all perky and happy (-o-)(-o-)

[User Picture]From: quickcloud
2004-12-02 09:16 pm (UTC)
lol well im game if you need help with the af. Im sure Crac would help also. Just message us
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